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MFSC approved product

MA no.: 1210547

Can be used in organic farming in accordance with EC regulation n° 2018/848

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Rhizal ® is a biostimulant based on the bacterium Rhizobium alamii isolated from the rhizosphere of sunflower grown on French soil.

It is the only non-symbiotic Rhizobium on the market allowing the use of Rhizobium to benefit to a greater diversity of crops.

Rhizal ® is based on the production of an exopolysaccharide (EPS) which promotes the structuring of the soil around the roots.

EPS are polymers synthesized by bacteria from plant root exudates.They provide the bacteria with a long-lasting installation in the rhizosphere, allowing increased transfer and retention of both water and nutrients to the roots.

Rhizal ® thus makes it possible to obtain more vigorous plants as soon as they emerge and to protect them from environmental stress.


Mode of action

M-nod ® improves the vigor of the plant at emergence and its resistance to abiotic stresses


Better vigor

Applied at the time of sowing, Rhizal ® colonizes the rhizosphere and produces an EPS which promotes exchanges between the soil and the plant. As soon as the plant emerges, it is better nourished and more vigorous.


Resistance to water stress

By promoting water retention thanks to its EPS ,Rhizal ® improves plant resistance to water stress.


Synthesis of hormones

Rhizal ® produces phytohormones promoting plant growth even under stressful conditions.


Distribution and retention

Rhizal ® improves the transfer of water and nutrients from the soil to the roots.


Agronomic trials

Emerging vigor

Direct effect on leaf biomass 0 – 3 weeks

Controlled conditions

1EN_Rhizal_Vigor at emergence_Greenhouse_Sunflower.jpg.png


2EN_Rhizal_Vigor at emergence_Greenhouse_Wheat.jpg.png


Resistance to water stress


Controlled conditions

6EN_Rhizal_Water stress_Greenhouse_Maize.jpg.png
Récolte de blé

How to use



Wettable powder composed of:

  • Mitsuaria noduli strain BioT025 at 10^8 CFU/g

  • Maltodextrin

  • Conservation : 12 months minimum

Cultures /Crops
Cultures spécialisées / Specialty crops
Grandes cultures / Field crops

Drip or ground spray without agitation system

  1. Pour the amount of M-nod ® to be suspended in a volume of 1 to 10 L of water little by little while mixing.

  2. Leave for a few minutes to reactivate the product.

  3. Mix vigorously before pouring the mixture into a tank already half filled before any other treatment product and then complete the volume of the tank.


Ground spraying with agitation system


  1. Fill the tank with water up to half of the desired volume and activate the recovery pump and agitation.     

  2. Sprinkle the quantity of M-nod ® to be suspended directly into the tank, or at the level of the incorporation tray.

  3. Top up with water to obtain the desired volume.

  4. Maintain agitation in tank for at least 20 minutes before beginning to spray.

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