Probiotic Agriculture :
Improving agricultural productivity through plant health


Reuniting agriculture with the environment

All modern agriculture is built on varietal selection based on cultural routes that ignore the structure and biology of the soil. Like humans, the microbiome of plants is essential to their normal functioning.

BioIntrant integrates this notion into the development of its probiotic biostimulants. The plant-soil-microorganism approach considers the microbiome as a fundamental element in the installation, growth and yield of the plant. Thus, BioIntrant's probiotic biostimulants will increase the soil's ability to withstand intensive agriculture. This capacity is achieved by structuring the soil to allow the development of phytobeneficial microbial communities. This new environment gives the plant the ability to better withstand the various abiotic stresses imposed by the environment. 

BioIntrant integrates more than 30 years of scientific expertise with its co-founders who combine agronomy, pedology, microbial ecology and bioinformatics.

Creating the biostimulants of tomorrow

A breakthrough innovation

A unique collection of bacterial strains coupled with high-performance bioinformatics screening for innovative plant-soil-bacteria vision

Product consistency

Production and formulation capacity to provide homogeneous, stable and robust industrial batches

Bring your soil to life 

A ready-to-use biostimulant for your crops with strong and original scientifically proven claims



Genomic information at your fingertips

BioIntrant offers its bioinformatics services to provide you with the benefit of our expertise in this field.

This approach increases the efficiency of your screening for the identification of bacterial strains, active in your products. Thanks to genomic analysis techniques crossed with expert databases set up by BioIntrant, the best candidates for targeted actions are identified.

BioIntrant is the partner or bioinformatics provider for your projects.


Renaud Nalin


Founder and CEO

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Nicolas Chabert


Founder and Lab Manager

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Félix Heulin


Business Developer

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Joris Tulumello


PhD student

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Justine Long



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Julie Rodriguez

Lab technician


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December 2019

BioIntrant is "Deep Tech"

The BPI grants BioIntrant "Deep Tech" development assistance for breakthrough innovations. This funding highlights the technology and innovation that BioIntrant brings to the development of new biostimulant products.

More information on the "Deep Tech" program here (in French)

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