Bioinformatics Services

BioIntrant offers its bioinformatics services to provide you with the benefit of our expertise in this field.

This approach increases the efficiency of your screening for the identification of bacterial strains, active in your products. Thanks to genomic analysis techniques crossed with expert databases set up by BioIntrant, the best candidates for targeted actions are identified.

Thanks to this approach, we are able to find in your collections the candidates in adequacy with the claim targeted by the creation of robust genomic and functional clusters associated with one or more functions of interest. Our databases cover functions such as antimicrobial activities, plant nutrition, auxin synthesis and others. We can also create bases according to your wishes to deepen the process.


The benefits of this approach are multiple, in addition to saving time and obvious means, the approach allows a complete documentation of your products that can facilitate their marketing by reinforcing claims. On the other hand, thanks to the genomic environment we are able to predict the regulatory systems associated with functions. This will allow you to optimize the formulation of your products to induce the activation of key functions related to the effectiveness of your biostimulants.


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