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BioIntrant raises €1.5 million in a first round of financing to launch its biosolutions range for agriculture

• Fundraising of 700 K€ from private investors (WiSEED, Giralda Holding, Unilis Agtech), completed by 800 K€ of public funding;
• BioIntrant is planning the construction of an industrial production unit and the commercial deployment of its product line.

Pertuis, January 20, 2022 - BioIntrant, a company specializing in the identification and production of phytobeneficial bacteria for plant protection and growth, announces the closing of a first round of financing of €1.5 million, from the participatory financing platform WiSEED, a business angel (Giralda Holding), and the company Unilis Agtech (a joint venture of Unigrains and Arvalis) specializing in the support of innovative companies in agriculture.

This financing comes in addition to nearly €800K secured from Ademe (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) and the Plan Relance. These resources will be dedicated mainly to the construction of an industrial production unit to meet the growing market demand and to the commercial deployment of BioIntrant, which has two marketing authorizations and numerous products in development, in biostimulation and biocontrol.

"We are very pleased to welcome new investors whose expertise and complementarity will enable us to accelerate the deployment of our business in France and Europe. Our pioneering technology allows us to considerably reduce the discovery time of biosolutions for agriculture thanks to bioinformatics. While most biosolutions are based on a very low diversity of strains and, consequently, offer generic answers to specific problems, BioIntrant deploys a diversity of bacteria-based solutions to enable farmers to reduce the use of products derived from synthetic chemistry," said Renaud Nalin, Director and Co-Founder of BioIntrant.

"BioIntrant's technology is a credible response to the market's need to evolve its practices in the face of new challenges dictated both by climate change and by consumers, who are increasingly attentive to their food,supports Alexandre Biau, Managing Director of Unilis Agtech.

About BioIntrant
Founded in 2018, BioIntrant offers an innovative and technological approach to increase the efficiency of the process of identifying bacterial strains, active ingredients of its biostimulant and biocontrol products. Thanks to genomic analysis techniques crossed with expert databases set up by BioIntrant, the best candidates for targeted actions are identified. BioIntrant was created by the LEMiRE laboratory (CNRS/CEA), which has developed an internationally renowned expertise in soil microbiology and agronomy over the past 30 years. The company was a finalist in the 2019 ILAB Competition and winner of the 2019 Deeptech funding. It was awarded the Label Excellence by the European Union as part of the EIC Accelerator program in October 2020. It was a winner of the call for projects organized by ADEME for companies committed to the ecological transition and obtained support, as part of the Recovery Plan.
The company is based in the innovative business incubator in Pertuis, near Aix-en-Provence.


About Unilis Agtech

Unilis Agtech is the desire of farmers to bring together the expertise and know-how of Unigrains, Arvalis - Institut du végétal, and their partners to accelerate the productive and sustainable agro-ecological transition of farms. Unilis Agtech invests capital, expertise and energy of its partners for the success of Agtech entrepreneurs. After Inarix and Javelot, BioIntrant is the third company to benefit from Unilis Agtech's support.

Learn more about Unilis


About WiSEED

WiSEED is the leading player in crowdfunding in France. Specialized in digital investment, the platform offers investors the opportunity to optimize their savings in tangible assets with impact in the form of bonds, shares or equity securities and provides unlisted companies with fast, flexible and innovative financing solutions.

Since its creation in 2008, WiSEED has raised €327 million for nearly 736 projects from its 177,800 community members.

WiSEED is approved as an investment company by the ACPR and is the only French platform to have the status of ISP (Investment Services Provider).

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Unilis Agtech:

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