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BioIntrant campaigns for substainable agriculture on  the wiseed platform

Pertuis, May 5th 2021

The start-up BioIntrant, which specializes in the development and production of biosolutions for agricultural land, announces the opening of a voting campaign on the participatory financing platform Wiseed.

This one-month campaign will allow to measure the societal and financial interest around the company. If the consultation is conclusive, the company will ask for a fundraising with a target of 500 000 euros. This first round of financing will be mainly dedicated to the construction of an industrial unit to allow the production of several products in parallel and to meet the growing market demand.  
BioIntrant cultivates phytobeneficial bacteria, similar to probiotics for humans, to protect plants and stimulate their growth without genetic modification. The market targeted by BioIntrant is that of the inputs, today mostly chemical (fertilizers, pesticides...) used in agriculture. The global market was estimated in 2019 at €260 billion and should reach €320 billion in 2024. BioIntrant is focused on natural alternatives.

Founded in 2018, BioIntrant is a spin-off of the laboratory (CNRS/CEA), LEMiRE, located at the CEA site in Cadarache, which has developed internationally renowned expertise in soil microbiology and agronomy for 30 years. The company is based at the Pertuis innovative business incubator near Aix en Provence.

BioIntrant's added value lies in its ability to identify the right combination of bacteria, plant and soil. This is a real challenge when you consider that one gram of soil can contain up to one million different bacterial species! "We have developed a bioinformatics platform that already qualifies over 3,000 bacterial strains. Powerful algorithms allow us to cross-reference their genomes with our databases and ultimately identify the best candidates," explains Renaud Nalin, CEO and co-founder of BioIntrant. 

These biosolutions offer farmers the possibility of restoring the biological balance within their land in a natural and sustainable way.  They are relevant today for both field and specialty crops. Available as powders, liquids, seed coatings, microgranules, they do not require new equipment or new working methods. They have already given satisfaction to BioIntrant's customers and partners where they are being tested. Like at Future Gaïa, a company specialized in the development of innovative and fully automated vertical farms: "During our last experiment, we studied the effect of bacteria supplied by BioIntrant on the resistance to water stress of basil. The results show an increase in yield of 15% compared to the control when basil is not stressed, and 32% when water stress is applied. Our collaboration with BioIntrant allows us to reduce our inputs (water, fertilizers...) while increasing our crop yields," says the company's management.

The bacteria cultivated by the company are also selected for their role in storing CO2 in the soil, a major issue for environmentally friendly agriculture.

BioIntrant is strongly supported by regional, national and European policies to support innovation. The company has benefited from significant financial investment, for over two years, from Bpifrance through the Frenchtech and Deeptech programs. They have accelerated the maturation of BioIntrant's products. In addition, the European community in its H2020 program, has audited and qualified BioIntrant products in the "Excellence" category.

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Renaud Nalin

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BioIntrant revives farmland ecosystems with its bacteria that promote good plant health and contribute to the sequestration of CO2 in soils.


The BioIntrant team in front of their premises at the innovative business incubator in Pertuis.


© photos credits BioIntrant.

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