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Create the biostimulant of tomorrow

A breakthrough innovation


the rhizosphere in a unique collection

All our strains come from the rhizosphere of agricultural plants and have been isolated using original isolation technologies that make our collection a unique one. Today, access to more than 2000 strains makes it possible to cover a vast biological and functional diversity as close as possible to the constraints of modern agriculture.

Genetic screening : programmed efficacy 

Far from the traditional screening methods requiring numerous tests on a wide range of candidates, our technology allows a fast and robust selection of the best candidate panel thanks to databases that BioIntrant builds and uses for its screening. With the genomic documentation associated with our collection we are able to cluster bacterial strains by their functions and thus make the most of the exceptional diversity we have in our possession.
We offer this technology to help you in your screening and in identifying the best candidates according to your request.


Plant/soil/bacteria: the perfect combination

Plants constantly interact with their microbiome through optimal selection for their own health. However, current agricultural techniques and natural selection have rightly optimized the aerial parts to improve yields, completely neglecting the soil and the associated microbiome. With the strong research experience of CNRS and CEA associated with BioIntrant, we develop plant-specific probiotic biostimulants to revive this microbiome, essential for the installation, growth and survival of plants in their environment.


Far beyond a simple action focused on nutrition, our probiotics greatly improve the structure of the soil adhering to the roots and therefore the exchange of water and nutrients between the soil and the plant. Probiotics also act on the microbiome by diversifying it, thus allowing a cascade of phytobeneficial effects.

Product consistency

BioIntrant ensures the industrial production of its products. Very early in the development of its products, BioIntrant integrates regulatory and industrial constraints. The repeatability of industrial batches and the stability of the products created by BioIntrant are identified as key success factors.

Bring your soil to life

BioIntrant's products are supported by strong and original commercial claims based on rigorous scientific expertise. All the technical and scientific expertise deployed to create BioIntrant products is punctuated by a reality in the field. All BioIntrant products are evaluated by national and European regulatory agencies for marketing approvals.



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